Monday, February 16, 2009

The many different goodbyes.

And so it ended. But I had an absolutely fabulous time, the best part was when I ran into Derek Luke at the airport. I have an autograph and a picture to show my kids.

And with that I'll be kissing the blog goodbye. I thought I would be able to do 100 posts but alas.
My posts have become too personal and I seem unable to change that. I have also lost the anonymity that I once had so this blog is no longer serving the purpose for which it was created.

But I am here, lurking around in the dark and maybe oneday if I find my political cap again, I may return.

I had a good time here. I met wonderful people.

Be good y'all.

This song is like my best song ever!. Enjoy !

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 3 and .......

Part 1. Charlie Checkpoint Museum. something someone made, looks like an Okada. He escaped with it with his son strapped to his chest.

A handmade plane. was also used to flee germany.
Someone hiding in a loudspeaker box. That's how he made it past the border.

Another hiding spot.

Tied to these cylinders are balloons,well something that looks like balloons. People tied themseleves to the strings and ... I really can't remember how it worked but it did.

Part 2. Beautiful berlin.

My roommate and I skipped classes this morning and decided to see the town instead. Here is what we saw.
The Charlie checkpoint museum was a bit depressing. A bitter reminder of what man is capable of. The sufferings of innocent men and women and children have all been preserved. It reminded me of Biafra. I wondered who is better off; Germany who has kept the sad memories and unashamedly invites people to see it or Nigeria who has done everything to make us forget Biafra or act like it didn't happen.
There aren't many people who go shopping, actually there aren't many people in Germany. Particularly absent are children. I have seen more dogs than kids since I got here. The shops are beautiful.This galleria, I think is the most beautiful shop I have ever seen. It had five floors. All I could afford there was chocolate.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


No, I don´t mean you silly.

I flew with an old, fat, pot bellied man who says he is a natural healer cum film maker. There was a long wait at Amsterdam and seats too uncomfortable for sleep so we got talking. There´´s a third Nigerian with us but he doesn´t say much. We get to Berlin and share a cab, fat old man tries to hold my hand in the cab, I ask him if he is well, and he starts to confess undying love. I can´´t remember the last time I was so disgusted. Yuuuk.! I think that if you are going to go about chasing women as a married old man, you should at least be good looking,very rich or very tush otherwise what's the motive?

I have three roommates: Hungarian, Portuguese and English. The Hungarian and I are painting the town red. She is the bum.

I like it here; the program that is. Every writer/film maker should attend. There's so much to learn. And so many people to meet.

I think the whole of Europe looks the same. I haven´t been to that many European countries though.

The bell has just gone for another workshop.Funny they should use abell but it works.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

My eyes have seen.

A new car wash has been opened in my area. They sell alchohol. so while you are waiting for your car to be washed, you can get high. Igwe thinks my own is too much, I should leave guys alone. Alchohol is considered one of the few pleasures of life.

This morning while we drove to church,we saw a bad accident. It was glaring it must have been a drunk driver. I wondered if he was coming from the car wash.

The second set of pictures is of the church we used for the film. It is a real church. People sit here sunday after sunday listening to the 'gospel'. In this filth? The place was stinking, I'm surprised none of us got sick. Besides its being a church, people actually live here.