Saturday, December 05, 2009

That I may blog

I still don't have a laptop. I feel like a farmer without a hoe. so much for claiming to be a writer.

It has been reported that it was reported in PM News that Pastor Bimbo Odukoya is in Hell, some pastor made this declaration. I don't know if anyone asked him what he was doing there in hell himself. I have heard many ridiculous things but this must be the height. Who is this man? What is the relevance of this stupid information? Couldn't he have gotten his five minutes of fame without making such a callous statement?

Yaradua, dear president, what can I say? And Jonathan Goodluck, what can I say either? For once, I have no opinion. I'm just watching from my window.

I attended the experience and I loved the experience. Babatunde Fashola gave a short speech, that man, that man, oh that man.......
I was particularly impressed with the prayer points raised. Before, Our pastors would be praying some very soft prayers but last night was fire. so much prayer for Nigeria. Finally, Nigerians are really getting fed up. I believe religious bodies have huge roles to play towards change in Nigeria. The people listen to them for one thing.

My life has been good. A few tough situations here and there but I shouldn't complain really, I still have things going on well and I am grateful for little mercies. The love and respect of a good man, the unconditional love of son, a job I enjoy, the bestest friends and God's faithfulness and infinite mercy, guidance and so much more.

God bless y'all.