Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It was a good year

Okay, So I'm just having my own thanksgiving. It is in no particular order.

This year Igwe and I celebrated our first anniversary. Something I wasnt sure we would do. Those couples who go five years without a first fight, how on earth do they do it?. Igwe and I fought so much in the first three months, we thought the marriage would crash. We were coming from very different backgrounds and it was tough living together. But love saw us through and here we are, one year after, wondering what it was we were fighting about anyway. I thank God for my marriage, for my husband, he is such a good man. He doesn't pass an accident scene, it scares me to hell, knowing Lagos, but he insists he took an oath, life must come first. And his family, they are such amazing people. May God bless them all.

My mother used to have severe knee ache, at some point she could barley walk. She saw so many professionals but no show, then one day Mama calls, says the pain is all gone. She discovered some container that you put water inside, and it changes the water to medecine, naturally Igwe thinks it's bull. My brother thinks its her mind, says the pain may have been caused because she was worrying too much, now she has an in-law and a grandson, she is much more relaxed and has forgotten about the pain. I do not care for the reason, I just thank God that my mum is well. And my father, he doesnt even suffer from the common cold. They are so healthy, independent, content. I bless God for them.

This year my sister had a baby boy. He is so adorable and has brought us all so much joy.

I have the best friends in the world, they are always there for me, wishing me well, praying me through a tough situation. I thank God for them.

We made some good money from the NSE this year. Amazing returns. And lost some too mostly through those wonder banks. Yes me tooo, I wanted to use 100k and make a million, no be thief I be?

This year I also acquired a brand new car. There are some things I have never bought, phones, perfumes, cars and yet I always have them. My sis gave me my first car, we had a great time, the car and I, then the car got upset, and developed mood swings,overheating today, injector wahala tomorrow, eventually Igwe got tired of being called to come save me from obscure locations so he sold the car and bought me another, tear rubber. I am just so thankful.

This year we lost our baby, it was such a tough time but God saw us through it. I also found that most women do not survive placenta abruptio so it could have been much worse, na so I for just die without winning the nobel. I thank God for life even for pain because I know He can never give us more than we can bear.

I thank God for my blog family. I have met so many wonderful people here. May God bless you all. This will probably be my last post for this year as Igwe is coming so I'm off to my third honeymoon. Have a merry Christmas everyone and a wonderful new year. Please say a prayer for Nigeria as we cross into the new year, for Yardy, the governors, ministers etc, If God can use anything, He can use them to make Nigeria great again.

And to everyone who is going through pain, I leave you with this song, I listened to it over and over during my bereavement and it gave me hope. I dedicate it to positive girl. May you be blessed now and always.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

This is not a post

My last few posts have been too serious so I decided I was going to do something light. But this is not it. This just came up and I thought to share it.

A crazed lady has been calling Igwe saying he is her ordained husband. That she has visited many spiritual homes and they all said same thing. Hubby used to work at General hospital and treated her some years back. That as far as I know is their only link. And she isn't youngooo, in her early forties.

Anyway some weeks ago, she appeared in his office begging him to save her from whatever it is that is worrying her by marrying her even if he will divorce her later.

And last night she called again. Same story, marry me or I die.

See me see trouble.

I think he should be careful, avoid her like a plague just incase she decides to use jazz but my doctor husband does not believe in Jazz. If it cannot be explained scientifically, then it does not exist.

What do you guys think?

PS Igwe-hubby

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Religion-The Weapon of mass destruction in Africa

I watched in awe as the Sudaneese mob carried placards and matchetes calling for the death of an English teacher for naming a teddy bear Mohammed. Is this another Sudan or is it the same war torn one. Are these the same people who barely have food to eat? Humanitarian services are struggling to keep most of them alive, Nigerian soldiers have been killed there all in a bid to help out and yet there they were marching on the streets , burning pictures of Gillian, calling for her death. Is this what religion has done to us? That we no longer(if we ever did) have respect for life? I remember the cartoon in Denmark, and how they were riots in the North of Nigeria over it. Having worked in a call centre in Nigeria, I know that about 70% of Northerners do not speak English, let alone Danish, so how could they have read the cartoons?

Religion has taken over our sense of reasoning and of judgement.

My sister's nanny is Jehovah's witness. No one told her when she was taking the girl, a few days after she arrived, her mother called to ask if she had gone for teachings. My sister wanted to send her back, but the girl wanted to stay, it was agreed that she will follow my sis to her own church, then when my nephew is a year, he goes to day care, she would also enrol in a school, then she can go for her teachings. Three months on, the family have prevailed on her to come home. And so she is leaving, her chances of a good life temporarily cut short. Let me paint some background pics, this nanny is 20yrs, finished secondary school about three years ago and has been at home doing nothing since. Now, she is returning to the same home to continue doing nothing because her parents think it is the worst sin not to fellowship with other witnesses for 6 months. My sister is very nice, almost to a fault, and is also quite comfortable, the girl lacked for nothing, I even used to take Awake and watchtower magazines to her. I feel sorry for the girl cos she is a nice girl and wants to stay on.

But again, religion has prevailed.

A friend of a friend of a friend is being battered and bruised by her unfaithful husband. We think she should take the kids and scram while she still can, but her pastor says not, there is no room in christendom for divorce. The husband is a worker in church so the pastor is aware of his philandering and violent ways yet he tells her she must submit to her husband. God forbid that he should beat her to death one day, what will he then say, Is there room for murder in Christendom?

I want to say that I respect people's religions, cultures, traditions etc but I can only do so when it positively influences human nature. To use religion to destroy ourselves must not be tolerated. We cannot use religion as an excuse to kill, to maim and destroy people's lives.

Just so you would know,I am not an atheist, I am a Jesus' freak. I have my bible stored everywhere, my phone, my laptop but most importantly, I have it stored in my heart. If I am not able to go to church for a year or more, nothing can take away the fact that I am a Christian and I love the Lord with all my heart.