Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where did Nigeria go?

I just read this. Practically everyone I know has been robbed either in traffic or in their homes. A gun has been pointed at me not by robbers but by agberos(perhaps there is no difference) who scampared off when I gave them NGN500 originally meant for my dinner. I, like many Lagosians had almost come to accept crime as part of our lives in this crazed country. You hear of robberies and rumours of robberies and shrug, how many times will you shed a tear? But this story gets to me,it sobers me. Why? When will it end? Will it ever end?

A friend of mine tells me the soaring rate of crime in the country is caused my unemployment. I disagree, I think greed now lives in us. If you aren't making quick cash off politics, then you should be making it off yahoo,yahooo and where you cannot break into either field,you carry the gun. If your friend's driving the latest BM, you've got to get one for yourself. Yes there's unemployment, but there's employment too and self employment.
And of course, there is the fact that the government has gone to bed. last year, you couldn't walk leisurely on my streets in the dark, you had to walkrun to avoid running into the dark guys. We resorted to OPC, and now I can take walks without much fear(cos you still have to be afraid).In the mornings,I see them brandishing guns meant for the police. We bought the guns, we pay them a salary and we pay taxes too.
This is not my country,this is not the Nigeria of my childhood where my family sat under the moonlight listening to Grandpa's tales. The Nigeria where we had no fences nor gates.This is not the Nigeria of my dreams where everyone has food and water,and power and security and laughter. Where did that Nigeria go?

I am also sad that Yinka Craig is dead. I really wanted him to win the fight against cancer. Like Fela, his works,his name will live long after him.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Talk

On Dragon's den

So I watched dragon's den some nights ago. Hmmmmm. I used to watch the Uk version, my brother and I considered buying the franchise to air in Nigeria. Someone beat us to it. Now, If I wasn't previously worried about the Nigerian Educational system, now I am alarmed. something has to be done and urgently too. The entreprneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs were just plain annoying. No proper research. Very bad presentations, I don't understand it, how do you go asking people to give you millions and yet you do no homework. One of the guys claimed to be a photographer, when asked what training he had, he said he had attended some workshops and read some books on photography no specifics given. Another was asked something about the sales of her product, she said she's only the designer so she couldn't provide any figures? Yet another money seeker was asked what percentage of his biz, he was putting on the table, he hesitated, then said 30%. One of the dragons asked him if he hadn't thought of that before, and he answered in the affirmative. Now, don't people know when to lie?
I wasn't interested in most of the ideas so I can't remember them but the presentatation bothered me a lot. I know that basic education in this country sucks but if one has spent time brewing a business idea(no matter how crappy), isn't it only proper to do put in a little effort into the idea and into one's self?
PS. I do not think that dragon's den is necessarily a representation of the average Nigerian enterpreneur.

On Chilerem
That is my son's name. I know I have announced his birth like a hundred times on this blog. Forgive me if I have started to bore you. This part is inspired by afrobabe's and florida's recent post on Christ. On the fourth month, I was rushed to hospital for bleeding sillylily, doc did his examination and announced that I was about to miscarry. They put me up and waited.Now that happened to be the day Igwe was coming in. There he was at the airport,excited to be seeing his round wife soon, only to be told, the roundness would be gone by the time he arrives. We refused to accept it,and prayed and prayed and prayed. I know the exact moment I was healed, the blood ceased. A scan was done, baby was fine, no trace of blood nor its origin. igwe arrived in the evening. I was still round.
I say this to encourage someone, it don't matter what you are going through orwhat you are looking up to God for,just hold on,help is on the way.

I leave you with the video below. He is my brother in law so you must like itoooo. Just kidding, its okay to be sincere.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I typed a long post yesterday and it disappeared. I will sue bloggerooooo.

Anyway I'm here. Missed you guys. A big thank you to all who contributed towards my dissertation. God bless y'all.

The birth of my child was a miracle. Several emergencies but God saw us through. I dont like the NHS but I gas to give them credit;I called an ambulance once and in 2 minutes they arrived.No kidding, my brother had barely got off the phne with them when they arrived.

My one year sourjourn in the U.K has made me more ati-west than I was before. And more determined to do something about Naija, do not ask me what, but I must.

I'm good generally and happy to be back in Nigeria and to the blogosphere.

Will be back with a proper post soon.