Friday, May 23, 2008

Plenty Plenty Nonsense

Someone should warn Okiro. First, he said he wanted to vet Nollywood scripts to stop them from portraying the police in a bad light. Who doesn't know the police is bad. Hiss,hiss. Now he wants to set up anti-terrorist squad. The thives and militants that are harassing hardworking Nigerians everyday, are they not worthy of an anti-something squad?
Last weekend, Igwe was robbed at gun point on his way home. They stripped him and his brother of everything.Five nasty looking men wielding five nasty guns. And Okiro and his men where busy brainstorming on how to deal with Al-quaeda.Nonesense!

Someone should also warn Soludo. He should stop shooting his mouth about how Nigerian graduates are unemployable and explain to me why he introduced coins knowing fully well we weren't going to use them.How much was spent producing the coins? Was it another ploy to bleed Nigeria? And while he is at it, he should also let me know why his highly capitalised banks seem to always need money and more money. Almost all the banks have had two IPO's now,very soon they will return to the public a third time . Inspite of this, their marketers are always about town,looking for more deposits. What exactly is the money for, when one can't even get loans,my sister battled with one of the banks for months trying to secure a loan,they finally approved 1m(less than she asked for) and wanted her to pay it back in three months. It was for a movie and they knew it, how do you make a film and distribute it in three months. She told them to shove it up you know where. I thought banks had pledged to help SME's. He should explain to me in very simple terms since I went to a Nigerian university and won't understand big 'grammar'. All the politicians, ministers, and their entire generation, who studied abroad, how have they improved Nigeria? Every knows the problem but no one can fix it. Nonsense!

PLease also warn SEC or NSE, whatever body is in charge. Chicken republic decided to go public, with my hard earned little money I bought some of the shares, three months later, they return investors' money saying they had changed their minds? Imaginez, so what did they do with people's money in three months?They probably fixed it and reaped interest. Should SEC not have a law to protect against such? Warn themooooo.Nonsense!

Finally,please kindly inform Yardy that he is the President of Nigeria and not Britain or the States. He gave an interview to financial times on his plans for the future,what happened to the Nigerian Media? It is Nigerians at home that are desperate for change: the nigerians who are constantly afraid for their lives, who have no power supply,no adequate health services,no good roads,do these people read FT? He thinks perhaps he is too much for the local press, he shouldn't worry, they will soon put him in his place, OBJ did more than that. Nonsense!

On the bright side, Igwe got his bank and ID cards back.He was robbed at Yaba, got a call from someone who claimed he saw them on the floor at Ketu,may have been a good Nigerian or one of the thieves with a conscience. My sister in law was robbed once, she got her cards sent to her home address by speed post.No kidding!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am here

I saw this picture, liked it and decided to share.

Also a little tatafo: BBC aired pictures of the Tsunami passing them off as the Chinese Earth quake. Any wonder I do not like the Western press? Why do they love horror stories of other nations so much? They have since apologised, saying it was a mistake. Mistake indeed!

My dissertation is going well. Still havent received a lot of consent mails from several bloggers but will continue to chase them. Thank you everyone.