Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When is it enough?

Lately, I have been thinking. Really thinking.
In another five years do I still want to be putting on the generator? Do I want my son growing up shouting 'UP NEPA'. (He already does) or do I want to do something about it? I have a few options: Migrate to a 'civilised' country, retire early to a remote village or force the government to do something about it. Needless to say, I took the last option.
It's no longer enough to sit down and nag about NEPA or PHCN, it's time to act.
It doesn't matter if you don't live here or if you have three passports, as long as Nigeria flows in your veins either by birth or blood, then NIgeria is your home and is yours to build. Recently in the Birmingham, a friend of mine took me round the city in his car, there's a Nigerian flag there, he has a British passport but he flies the Nigerian flag. In the train as well, a white boy asks a Bengali girl, where she is from, she says London, and he says, nope, I mean where are you originally from?
The Enough is Enough campaign hits Abuja streets on the 16th of March,2010. If you cannot attend, can you at least sponsor someone? so that when Nigeria improves, we can all nod our heads in pride, saying, I was a part of that change.
These psychos in power will never do good except we implore them to, I am ready to, Are you?