Thursday, November 27, 2008

Help: I am an Akwa Ibom witch.

My mother hardly reads or listens to the news. She says it is not good for her age and blood pressure. I think I may have to do the same.

For the past months, it's been one horrible news after the other. From Okere being harrassed by naval officials to Elendu's arrest to Akwa Ibom Child witches to Ribadu's victimization. I am not sure I can take it anymore.

Why have we as Nigerians chosen to create disasters for ourselves. I heard a comedian say that the natural disasters we have in Nigeria are majorly the Nigerian police and NEPA. He should have added religion or supestition to the list.

I am amazed at the level of ignorance and poverty among our people because the way I see it, these are the two most important factors that would push a mother/father/relative to label his kid a witch and agree that he/she should be killed or abandoned.

While I applaud the people who have taken this issue up(I would personally like to see the perpetrators brought to book),I know that it is not enough to try to stop the madness or to rehabilitate the children. What we need to collectively do is to enlighten the public on the stupidity of some of these allegations. I hate to ever bring in the government but in this case, the government has to help. It has to be made a punishable offence if you label someone a witch. Otherwise, we would simply be turning round in circles. The noise will fade, some of the spiritual houses may be shut down but give it some time and there will be back with more evil deeds.

The issue cannot be seen as just an Akwa Ibom problem, for it isn't. My neigbor thinks I am taking a huge risk by not first taking my domestic staff for deliverance and she isn't the only one. Several people even in supposedly civilized cities like Lagos believe in this. Get a maid from the village and you must first deliver her as she may be a witch. As long as this is the general belief or the near general belief, then the likes of Helen Ukpabio will continue to thrive and the abuse will continue.

For us to have a lasting solution, some churches will need to be shut down.The church has too much influence on its members. The case of Pastor King is still fresh in our memories. Where on earth is PFN or CAN in all of these?

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Thoughts and voices elude me. Blank.Blank. Did this happen in this life or in another?

The media has been agog with the story of Uzoama Okere who was stripped and beaten by men of the underworld headed by Harry Arogundade earlier this week.They operated at day in full public glare, I can imagine one of them telling the other to take it easy, and the other replying that this is Nigeria and he can do as he pleases. The question that faces us now is can he? Will we let him?. Because we are the only ones who can decide what happens next. Nigerians are such a docile set of people, I, inclusive but since we have all been intoxicated by Obamaness, perhaps we will now rise and challenge this situation.

I’m starting to think that we are not really humans here, how else do you explain the way the leaders treat us and more importantly, the way we allow them to treat us? Even animals have defence and attack mechanisms, what do we have? As a blogger friend of mine, nonesuch, wrote, to make up for the lack of power supply, we bought generators in all shapes and sizes, for bad roads we bought jeeps, and for security we turned to OPC. Practically everyone I know in Lagos, has got OPC on their streets. So now, I wonder for police/ military brutality, will we wear straight jackets?

"So why am I so sad? My fear has always been that in typical fashion, we will celebrate Obama mindlessly but fail to understand and do those little things that bring about such great moments in history. I fear that in the way we admire, enthuse about and consume the world’s most luxurious and innovative products but fail to make one of our own at any level of sophistication, we will enthuse and buy into Obamamania but we will not “do” Obama. We watch the brightness from such a beautiful spectre and like a fly become transfixed and immobile in the light, at best only flapping our enfeebled wings in admiration. Forever the fan, never the player." (Funmi Iyanda)
In the above, Funmi mirrowed my sentiments. As I see the young, old, good and bad sing Obama’s praises and chant :Yes, we can, I wonder if we actually can, if we are willing to take any bold steps towards Change that we so desperately need. A newborn has been named Obama, soon there will be also Obama part 1 and 2. And that just may be the end of it.
Ebun Olatoye has called for us to gather at 14 Muri Okunola at 12.30p.m on Sunday November 9 and at 4pm- 7pm in front of Moremi Hall to protest the injustice. Will you respond, Will I?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

My bloggers

I have just received some not very good news, but I refuse to dwell on it and choose instead to cast it as a burden on God for he careth for me.

I read so many blogs and they all mean different things to me, but off the top of my head i will be writing this so if I leave you out, it don't mean nada,this is supposed to be quite unserious.

Waffarian: I just find her very funny. Even when she writes something serious, it still comes across to me as humourous. Her post on catching the bus had me cracking up. Fortunately, she posts often so I can always rely on her to entertain me. oops, I just visted her blog, her most recent post isn't funny at all. Another online writer has been arrested,here.

Jaycee: She is like my devotional. After a hard day,I visit her blog to relax with God.
Fineboy agbero: Now that kid is simply kolomental. I thoroughly enjoy his stories, wish he would blog more though.

Solomonsydelle: I rely on her for the latest info on Nigeria. I caught the end f the channels closure news on TV and immediately rushed to her blog, she didnt dissapoint me, she had the whole story up.

Jinta: Egbon mi. Even though he doesnt write very serious stuff, he comes across as serious. Possible because I have a picture of him in my my head-respectable maried man. yes I know he isn't married,the phrase just sounded nice.

Headandaround: I almost always agree with her point of view. Looking forward to a post of hers that I will shake my hea and say nope, nope, that's not true.

Walking: The newest kid on the blog, wonderful relationship talks,all the guys on blogsville should read her.

bellanaija/gistmaster/lindaikeji: They save me money on softsale,I can get all the gists from their blogs.

Fiyanda: I loved her when she used to write for tempo(yes,I old small), her blog takes me back to those days.

Afrolicious-babe: I don't normally read sex stuff or anything that alludes to it but Afrobabe writes about it so beautifully its dificult not to be hooked. Come to think about it, she doesn't really write about sex, does she?

Gnaija: Amazingly intelligent and still sounds fun.

Naijablog: Have a lovehate relationship with him, some of his posts annoy me so but he is quite up to date so I visit often.

freeflowingflorida: I want the old her back.
Anotherwomanslife: Fantastic writing, fantastic personality.
Name withheld: I had a crush on this one till I met him and the crush disappeared.Don't ask me why. And don't look at me like that, who said married peeps don't have crushes, I have a permaent crush on DW. Igwe hates the fact yet he has a crush on Dakore. Who is more likely to meet his/her crush?
PS-too lazy to link the blogs,forgive me.