Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nigeria: Is there not a curse?

I am Nigerian with a green passport FACT1
I do not apologise for it. FACT2
It makes immigration officers hair stand. FACT3
For the love of me does not care. FACT4


I pledge to Nigeria my country

To be faithful, loyal and honest

To serve Nigeria with all my strength

To defend her unity and uphold her honor and glory

So help me God.

For those of us who studied in Nigeria we must have recited the pledge at least a million times through primary and secondary school. Apparently, it meant nothing if anything to us.
First it was district 9. The SA/Hollywood film that portrays Nigerians as 419’s prostitutes etc. I have not seen the movie but the reviews have told me all I need to know.

Now it’s the Sony advert. I think this is extremely cheap and irresponsible of SONY. For a whole team to come up with that, pass it through several people and still decide that the advert was perfect, then it’s a big big shame. Nigeria, a country where the product is sold in mass. But my grouse is not necessarily with SONY, it is more with Nigerians who don’t see anything wrong with it, and those who think that Dora has no right to ask that the advert be retraced and Sony offer a public apology.

When I read some of the comments on the issue, I almost gave up on Nigerians. How dare we say that it is okay for people to insult us? Yes, Nigeria has corrupt leaders, Yes Nigeria has yahoo, yahoo boys, Yes, Some Nigerians are stupid and foolish and docile and cowardly and just empty barrels but that does not justify another national calling us these names to our faces. If the security guy falls asleep on his post, does that justify the thief? Is a drunk driver justified because a pub was left open?

I don’t care that almost all our leaders are thieves giving us a bad name. Whenever I travel, I travel with my head held high. Yes, they scan and scan and rescan my passport but I don’t care, I will not apologise for being a Nigerian, they can’t never intimidate me. When they are done with their scanning, they hand me back my passport and I walk away, sometimes I can’t resist adding if they are sure they don’t want to scan some more. Being Nigerian is not a crime and one day, I swear, my child will stand proud that he is one.

My brother was initially refused a British study visa, they claimed that my mother, who sponsored him ,had forged her statement of account. My brother was livid. Being a journalist, he replied them immediately threatening fire and brimstone and demanding an apology. How dare them call his mother-who had served his fatherland in the civil service for thirty five years- a fraudster? If the embassy staff were not diligent enough to decipher what statement was false and which wasn’t, should he be made to pay for their irresponsibility. He raved and ranted and they called him up, apologised and granted him the visa.

What is my point?That it don’t matter that Nigeria is more bad than good(and that is debatable)It don’t give no one no right to insult us. And we have to learn to stand up for this country. If not for us, for our children. I believe that the older generation is lost and there is no saving them. Only us, the younger people can save this country, but how can we save a country, we have no passion for, we hold no respect for?

I don’t think anyone would pat another on the back for insulting our parents, our tribe or our religion, so why do we let them insult Nigeria?
It doesn’t matter if we become the best country in the world, if we have no self respect as a nation, no other nation will respect us.

Finally, to all those thieving leaders who have contributed in bringing shame upon our nation. MAY THE FULL WRATH OF GOD DESCEND UPON THEM!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


That should actually have read unedited. Just bits and pieces of stuff.

Sanusi and the highway thieves.

I got that from a book-samankwe and the highway thieves. Wonder how many of you read it?

So Sanusi or CBN has sacked 5 bank chiefs. I find it very embarassing and disturbing. Particularly on the part of Ibru and Akingbola who are regular speakers at their churches. Someone must have redefined christianity while I slept or how else do you explain the fraud, and yes, I insist it is fraudulent to give loans to non-credible people, I understand Ibru recently acquired a bank in Sao-Tome and her sons all had ghost companies which they used to borrow money from Oceanic. Depositors money! They should be tried and if found guilty, treated as common criminals.

However, there is something uncanny about Sanusi's approach, about his urgency and about the concentration on these five banks. Having been Nigerian long enough, I know that he has got something up his sleeve. There have been many rumours: they want to sell the banks to Northerners, they want to use the banks to secure a loan from IMF, he is settling a personal vendetta and so on and so forth.
Nigeria really has me baffled, while I believe that crimes must be punished, I do think that when it concerns public interest, one must thread softly. So Sanusi says these banks are on the virge of collapse, and with the same voice, he plans an international roadshow where he intends to market said banks to would be investors. I need someone to explain it to me like I am a four year old.
A very bad marriage
I have watched a friend battle with a very bad marriage. The evil that some men do has absolutely no bounds. The beatings, the threats to her life etc. Her story would give any one goose bumps. Finally, though there's been progress. There's been a restraining order on him and the divorce case is in court. This is a cry out to women, please, please, please do not marry an extremely jealous, violent, poor, heavy drinking etc man.

Centage talent hunt
I watched Centage talent hunt run by Kennis music. I don't know what it is that makes us Nigerians not do things well, Just how hard can it be? Don't they watch other shows, don't they understand that the judges are much a part of the show as the contestants? The judges are Jimmy Jatt, kenny Saint 1 and sme other guy I have never seen. They all wear some funny looking glasses, this is something I can't understand, how are they supposed to have eye contact with the contestants when they are wearing dark glasses? or they don't think eye contact is important? Those judges are so boring, all talk the same. I hope I never come across the show again.

Light up Nigeria
I went into the group last night and was reading the comments. Some Andrew guy is insisting Nigeria can never have constant power supply. I thought the group was for us hopefuls who want to come together and see how we can find a solution. If you don't believe in a cause, why do you join the cause? Naijans sha. someone mentioned that that's how it was said that a black can never be president yet....
Nigeria will have constant power supply. All of us who believe in this country will see to it.

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