Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I didn't see the robbers. There may never even have been any. But my laptop dissappeared from my laptop bag from inside my sitting room. Everything else is intact, the charger, the headphones. My baby has two minders. A 40something year old lady that leaves by 6pm and I have a young girl that returns from school by 2pm.
The young girl(after much questioning)says some lady came to the house at about 6.30pm after the nanny had gone. Said lady asked for water and blue and yellow capsule, she said we didnt have, lady asked her to go check in the room, and SHE WENT. Now, I don't know what is blue and yellow capsule so it's not possible for us to have had it so?
My laptop is always with me but was home that day cos I was out of town, Igwe went to take the kids to my sis at about 7pm. He didn't meet this strange woman.

The young girl has strict instructions never to open the door for anyone when we aren't home, so why did she open the door for a stranger who said she was looking for her Aunty? Can she be lying, she's an excellent liar but has never stolen from me. The Nanny is new, just about a month, can she be the culprit?The Story is very funny. Most people say send both of them packing but I've been through so many domestic help, I don tire.

I hate being stolen from but more than that, I hate the intrusion. And all I kept thinking was they could very easily have taken my son. Thank God for God.