Saturday, January 27, 2007

God,Pease let me play God for just one day

A few days ago, a friend of a friend was stabbed by area boys at Apongbon,She bled to death.

I am seething with anger at the government, at our leaders because the killers will not be found. And tomorrow another person might just may fall victim. Police reports confirm that attacks occur at Lagos island everday and they advise us to avoid the area. what if I cant avoid it? what if I work there,should I quit cos our security system is Zero?

The deceased made a 1st class. She had a good job, a baby of about one and a dear husband. She is what you would call an asset to the nation. If we are not loosing our talents to the Western world, we are loosing them to crazy deaths.

I am angry. I cannot describe how angry I am. I can only show it. Lord please, Let me be God, for just one day,one day is all I ask.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


For the past three months, i have had low cut on my head and it has been absolutely wonderful. No driers or long hours of braiding, no dandruff either. Have a bath and wash everywhere,head to toe. Unfortunately my joy was shortlived as my hubby ordered me to get a new look. And coward that I am, I rushed off to get the look.
And so I get to the salon only to meet my favourite hairdresser pregnant. The girl is a teenager for pete's sake. How do these girls do these things, maybe the question isnt how but why? the father is probably some trainee mechanic or carpenter who can barely eat and she let him get her pregnant,Much as I believe in abstinence, I know it would be hard to teach these girls, but havent they ever heard of protection, Im shocked that in 2007,okay she must have been pregnant in 2006,girls still throw their legs apart and throw caution to the wind. She is not even a paid hairdresser, she is still a trainee which means she isnt getting paid so what is the fate of that child. Im really pissed at girls,here I am ,fighting circumsision,rape,etc and there some girl is letting herself be banged and by some idiot at that. I take it out on my friend who owns the salon, accuse her of not giving the girls sex education.
I too,am with child, I have a job, I also run a bussiness,my husband works as hard as it is possible for a human to work,off by,sometimes not back till 11pm,yet still I worry, what with a country like ours.
Will I be able to give her enough? Will she stand a chance at Havard,Yale,Leeds?
I get to my office this morning and what do I meet,my teenage office attendant retching away. She tells me she has malaria but she has no temparature and her eyes are as bright as the sun. I say a silent prayer,Lord let it be Malaria,please.