Friday, June 12, 2009

He is just not into you.......

I saw this movie last night at the Ozone cinema ,Yaba, Lagos. That was my first time there despite it being a walking distance from my office. Everyone complains about the island/mainland divide and everyday it seems more obvious. Ozone cinema is so different from silverbird cinemas, V. I despite it being owned by the same or sister companies. It's as if the management couldn't be bothered to try too hard, it is after all, Yaba. Anyway I digress.
He is just not into you is a movie about relationships; the signs that tell if he is interested or not and the stupid reasons women make up for themselves when a man isn't calling or picking his calls. It takes us around different continents, and naturally when they show African women, it is of women in huts. Nonsense, but again I digress.
My beef today is with women who lay everything at the feet of the man simply because they want him to marry them, if he aint going to marry you, he aint going to marry you no matter what you do and if by some chance he marries you, you'd be so miserable in the marriage. Why does everyone make such a big deal about marriage anyway? Before you guys jump on my throat, I am happy I am married and would recommend it but if someone insists that he/she is happily single, why must we force, coerce, urge them to marry? For christians, will there be a reward in heaven for having beeen married?
Why do we(read women) tie our happiness to a man? I have always been happy, (how can I not be happy when there's food and fanta and icecream?) before I married and much as I love being married, I would still have been happy had I not married! Get a life, women!
I am angry because a friend of mine married a guy she met a total of 6 times and now the guy's turning out to be an absolute jerk and she's shocked? How can you be shocked? And she's such a good kid she don't deserve this,now she wants a divorce and fast so what was the point?The marriage is just about six months.
Her mother pushed, her friends pushed etc. Everywhere you turn they are asking when you are getting married, and when you marry, they are asking when you'll have kids and when you have kids, they are asking when you'll die.
Another acquaintance has been married 4 years and has never worked and it isn't like the husband is rich. All she does is sit at home and wait for him to come home and nag when he doesn't. Now the guy has moved out, I would too if I had a husband whose only job was to wait for me to come home.
Women please, get a life, get friends, get a job, volunteer at a home, anything. Stop waiting hand and foot on a man. If he loves you, he'll show it, if he treats you like a jerk, then he don't send you. Move on. Fish plenty for water.