Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nigerians as terrorists ke?

Nigerians have been included on the list of Countries to watch out for and Prof. Dora says it is not fair. Can someone please tell me exactly what not being fair means? Dora goes on to add that she knows Nigeria will be de-listed by the GRACE OF GOD. Is this woman for real? By the grace of God? I have always believed that religion is a major reason Nigeria remains so backwards. If it is no ; pray for Yaradua's recovery, it is; pray for Nigeria to be delisted from America's watchlist. These leaders need their heads checked.

Let me first of all say that I condemn Umar Farouk's actions in particular and all acts of terrorism in general. But I think the way Nigeria has acted has been very shallow. The guy is a NIGERIAN. That should be the government's primary concern not what America would now think of us. Why are we so afraid of America anyway, the way I see it, America needs us more than we need them, they know that, unfortunately we don't. All sorts of groups and bodies spring up, disowning Umar. We may disown him all we want but the Nigerian blood runs in his veins like it runs in ours. Does a father particularly the African father throw away his son because of his sins? For those of us who are Christians does God feed us to the dogs because we have done wrong? Please do not get me wrong, Umar should be tried and punished but Nigeria should have at least attempted to make a case for him. We could have blamed it on insanity, on external influences, on peer pressure, anything at all but we were so quick to wash our hands off him, to distance our selves from him not because we hated his crime so much but because we rever America too much. God forbid that they should deny us all visas, where then will our poor run to find wealth and our rich run to spend their wealth?

I strongly believe that there is more to this than meets the eye. America MAy have stagemanaged this from the beginning. The boy had been reported by his father to America. America conveniently let this pass, it wasnt serious enough, they said and then he attempts to blow up a plane and does not SUCCEED and NIgeria's name is included in their watchlist. Come On!

Surely they must have a plan. I ├žan't imagine what it is but I doubt that it is far from wanting to establish a military base in Naija or unconnected to their oil interests in the Niger Delta Region. It may be my mind over working but I doubt.