Saturday, February 20, 2010

Keeping Silent

In the time that I was gone,Yaradua was also gone. Three months and counting and we still can't find the president? There is nothing more to say as everyone has said it all.

I have not exactly stopped blogging but I find that these days, I have less and less to say. I have become simply the observer, removed from my immediate environment.

A few months back,my baby was ill and my neighbor(fantabulous woman)took us to her place of work, LUTH. I'll admit, they probably have the best professionals but the environment, HMMMM. and it's got nothing to do with money, what's the price difference between a pedal bin and one you have to use your hands? Was I really expected to use my hands to uncover the bin and with the same hands touch my baby? There is no running water in the children's ward except at nurses' station and parents are not allowed near. The toilet is a no go area so parents use potties for their kids no matter the age and push the mess under the bed till the next morning. The mother beside me has no mosquito net for her baby, the nurses claim they have run out of nets, how do you run out of nets in a mosquito infested ward in a country where malaria is still the highest killer disease in children. Some good parent lends her one. Some mothers sleep under their children's bed to escape the murderous mosquitos. sleep is the last thing on my mind, my baby's temparature is at an all time high, I am constantly sponging it. I seek out a nurse who only follows me the third time, she feels his body and advises I pour water on him. As early as, we are woken up by a shrill voice that rings louder than a rising bell. She tells mothers to return chairs(most mothers sleep on chaiirs)and clean up their kids. I see some women with buckets and I join them,we follow a path and find a tank that has water. If there's water here, why can't there be water everywhere at LUTH?

The experirence at Luth leaves my stomach tight and my tongue tied. I am sorry for Nigeria, sorry for my countrymen. Is this life that we live here? what would it cost to have running water in hospitals so that people can at least have clean toilets? I bet the Director has been given enough funds to provide that but in true Nigerian style, he feels the money would do better in his pockets. Is the heart of the Nigerian man more desperately wicked than the heart of other men? Why do Nigerians like to amass wealth and more wealth at the detriment of the poor, the sick.

It's been so so hot lately-35 degrees and above- and I keep thinking of OBJ and other past leaders that have syphoned Nigeria's wealth. Wealth that should have generated electricity, wealth that could have saved lives,for I know that people will die from this heat, from generator fumes, from congestion, from frustration and while people are dying, some people will be depositing stolen millions in swiss accounts.
On the last day, what will you say to God? That you stole money that people should have used to feed? That you sold your conscience for a car or two?

I am sorry for you, oh thieving leader, sorry for you oh Nigeria, for you are a country of many vagabondsssssss.


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Sting said...

Wow.... this touched me. I hope ur baby is doing better. I really wish things would be different one day in Nigeria. Someone has to speak up for the people.

Seyi said...

Hmmmm...sorry to hear about your baby. I hope she's feeling better.

I can't really describe how I'm feeling right now after reading your post. Please permit me to share your post with some of my friends.



Toksboy said...

wow. great write up. I think that despite the proliferation of religious institutions in this country most of our leaders are as far away from God as it is possible to be. That is why they have to perform those weird rituals in forests with headless chickens.

Hope your daughter is better.

Toksboy said...

Sorry, son not daughter.

For the love of me said...

@sting, yesoo, my baby is well now,thanks. it is my prayer that he never falls ill again and I pray the same for all mothers.
@Seyi. Thanks, sure you can share the post. I'm usually very optimistic abt Naija, but I've been feeling drained lately.
@Toksboy, thanks. I'm starting to think most people don't really believe in God. It's just something that happened on them. They believe and readily practise more,the preachings of the ritualists. sigh.

Jinta said...

thank goodness baby is better.

i walked past luth's kitchens a couple of years ago and immediately regretted not having my camera with me; it was unbelievably dark, damp, wet and dirty. i felt ill just looking at it.

i dont blame the director, regardless of how much he's been given. why not pocket the difference when the authority disbursing the money already has taken 70% to release it? I blame the lack of accountability that pervades our society.

more importantly, i blame us regular citizens, for we never question how people acquire their money and only praise them

Naijalines said...

Good to know your baby is better.
It sounds scary being in the environment you described. My mum had a similar report when she was up there several weeks ago. It's depressing.