Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A lot of things have been upsetting me resently.

GENEVIEVE NNAJI: Ehn now, that’s the big question. You should ask the marketers in Nigeria. Why haven’t they been premiered? And this is the answer: they can’t be premiered because they are not good quality.
This was a response this star gave at a an interview of the film premiere of 30 days later. She said a whole lot more. Nobody is saying that these films are good quality, we know they are not but Genie, these people made youoooo. Without these marketers, there would simply be no Nollywood today and that is the simple truth. She said once that the film that brought her to limelight was Sharon stone in Abuja, the title alone should tell you the film must have been bull, but it brought her to limelight. And she musn't forget that, from the days that she couldn't act to save her life and these marketers gave her a chance over and over again. Now, she is a mega star she's calling the marketers names. 30 days later, Keeping faith were premiered not neccessarily because of quality but because of funds. And she would never have been a part of it had those marketers not first of all starred her in their 'bad quality films'.What am I saying, that you should not bite the fingers that fed you, it's okay for outsiders to say that the marketers are doing balderdash but not you Genie. There's something called diplomacy. You can say these same things but in very different words, the message would still be there without anyone feeling insulted. Isn't that why we went to school? Once I read an article by Femi Osofisan, beautifully written piece, how since they the literary veterans have better stories, and the marketers have the means, they should collaborate, sounded really cool, but at the end he called them illiterates, and I just thought for God's sake, why is he blowing it?

I hated my job, there were so many things I thought were wrong with the system, but I would not publicly come out and say that the company was full of sh*t. They gave me a job when no one else did, they paid my bills for two and a half bleeding years, I may not be ecstatic but at least I am grateful.

Anyway, I also read that Baba OBJ said Chief tout Adedibu is the father of PDP, why on earth can't he just shut up and concentrate on producing broiler eggs? Why do they give him a chance to speak anyways?

The one that upset me most was this article in punch by a female writer, I am still trying to get her email, If I have to go to punch to find her, I will. Here is an excerpt;
"Some ladies present were raped, while some luckily escaped. Surprised? You should't be. But need we blame the rapists? What with the dressing of the girls, who were scantly dressed?"
So the rapists were justified because the girls were scantily dressed. Is a drunk driver justified because the pub was open, or the thief because the security guard was asleep?And it was written by a woman, why are we our own worst enemies? Thinking about it now, I dont think a guy would have written that. Why is it easier to blame the 16 year old for following an aristo, and the forty something year old aristo himself is given a pat on the back for being an aristo. Who should know better?And these newspaper articles, dont they get edited, did that piece pass through a second opinion? I am just so mad. Why is it the mother most times that thinks the woman should endure a violent marriage? I can imagine telling my mum, I want to leave my husband perhaps because he is beating me, she would probably find ways to blame me, tell me how my father never beat her but that is because she never pushed him to the wall, whereas if I did tell my dad, he would probaby arrive at my house the next day, walking stick in one hand and armed policemen in another. Nobody messes with his girl, he would thunder.

Why why do women hate one another so? If we dont stand up for a sister, who will?