Saturday, May 23, 2009

In the time that I was gone:

My cousin was kidnapped. Yeah, not someone I know from afar. It happened right in my family. We paid 2 million naira. And got her back. So based on that I should be one of those campaigning for the millitants to all be killed as I have experienced the evil that they are or have led to.(I don't think it was millitants who kidnapped my cousin, just some criminals). But I am not because I can't see the millitants, all can see are women and children being killed. Innocent citizens suffering for nothing that is a fault of theirs. The oil has been more of a blessing than a curse. The people were better off without it. They could fish and there wwas no crime, now all that's gone. All they had left was life, and in true Nigerian style, they believed that where there was life, there was hope, but even that has been taken from there. Many of them are dead. I don't even know who to blame, the government or the millitants. I am just so sad,sad for the many innocent people whose only crime was being born into the Niger Delta.

My boy took his first steps. Time sure flies, one momment he is very tiny and the next he is a man as one of my friends would say, na to marry remain.

I met someone while playing scrabble online. Ann. She is absolutely fantabulous. An Israeli but originally a New Yorker. She is a writer. I think writers are one of the most intelligent of people. Duh if you don't agree.

The reason for which I stopped blogging became invalid. Was passing through a phase and happy that it is over.

How have you guys been?